High-quality manufacture of art ceramics, artefacts, ceramics fountains, flower containers, household ceramics

For your home, garden, office, hotel, restaurant

company has an 11-year old practice and is specialised in the manufacture of unique ceramics works of art that are also designed for functionality such as the interior and exterior decoration of homes, offices, gardens, hotels, restaurants, and other public and private places.

The primary material is white porcelain clay at a high-temperature of thermal processing (baking). The exterior articles are additionally processed with special materials and solutions. Considering the 100% hand manufacture, there are possibilities for any kind of configurations of various non-standard forms and sizes. Our company has a registered trademark that guarantees high quality: sturdy materials, exquisite design and originality that by means of appropriate techniques and technologies turn our products into a lovely addition to your interior and exterior.

The company offers the opportunity for the establishment of a direct contact with our customers regarding the interior and exterior arrangement with all varieties of forms, sizes, styles, original hand-crafted art ceramics: fountains, flower containers, vases, wall dishes, amphorae, jars, etc.

Висококачествена изработка на художествена керамика, уникати, керамични фонтани, кашпи за цветя, домакинска керамика

За Вашия дом, офис, заведение, градина

изработка на художествена керамика, предназначена за интериорно и екстериорно обзавеждане на обекти, както за по-малки изделия за търговската мрежа. През 1998 год. Е регистрирана и търговска марка в Патентно Ведомство на Република България.

Всички модели и техники са авторизирани, като непрекъснато се създават и нови.

Основният материал е бяла високоизпичаща се порцеланова глина с допълнителни добавки в зависимост от предназначението.

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